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What happens when a band combines the abstract sounds of Sonic Youth with the earth-shattering dynamic melodies of the Smashing Pumpkins, and mix it with psychedelia and shoegaze? The Ghost Lullaby, a metal-shoegaze rock group from Los Angeles. And they are here to crush you with guitar riffs, dreamy swirls of distortion pedals and drums that will leave your ears and hearts bleeding.
The Orange Session's Vol. 2 [ Split 10" Immortal Lee County Killer II & Cash Audio]
The second installment in the Orange Sessions series features two rock'n'roll powerhouses in a deadly dance of death. Chicago's Cash Audio serves up three posthumous doses of their patented "rockabluesabilly" smash, followed by the Immortal Lee County Killers, who revamp two Quadrajets tracks in their own mighty guitar-drums-and-vocal style. "The Orange Session's Vol II" is a unique peak at Americas' real rock underground. No MTV, no glossy magazines for these guys.They play music not to try to make living but because of who they are, it's in their blood. A post-humous release for Cash Audio.

The Orange Session's Vol.1 [ CD/10" w/ Cash Audio]
Cash Audio is John Humphrey and Scott Giampino, a two-piece guitar and drums duo that makes more racket and coherent full sound than any other duo you've heard. plus, these boys, refreshingly, know how to play their instruments. They are not here to look good in magazines dammit! "The Orange Sessions" is a brand new 8-song* offering recorded in Chicago using, as usual to Cash Audio, an all analog recording style.
Kevin McDonough formed The Drapes in the late nineties with brother Dan (who went on to form The Blacks). After a succession of drummers (to rival that of Spinal Tap) and several bass players (the rhythm sections leave in pairs) and having put out 2 early recordings (Nurse Diesel and Auxiliary), The Drapes finally solidified in late 1999, when Kevin forced his girlfriend to play bass, The Drapes began touring with a vengeance in support of their self produced release "Shine on Sweetheart" to rave reception and reviews! As it stands - The Drapes are Kevin McDonough on guitar and vocals, Andrea Jablonski on bass and back up and Bob Spellbring on drums... Release of brand new material (finally three drummers in one year does this to ya!) due next spring on Orange Recordings and continued touring spreading East, South (again! yeay!) and West!
Formed in early 2000, The Peelers play really fuckin' loud and really fuckin' hard. they have built a reputation as one of the most energetic, exciting and sometimes bloody live bands in Chicago. They have shaken asses and foundations around the mid-west with bands such as: Sons Of Herculies, Supersuckers, Lazy Cowgirls, Baseball Furies, Cash Audio and their drummers former band Gaza Strippers. In the summer of 2002 the band went into Engine Studios in Chicago, and recorded their debut single and released it on their own. the single has had great reviews, Chicago's NEW CITY readers poll 2002 voted them Chicago's best new band. The Peelers just finished recording their debut long player with the help of Texas legend Tim Kerr (Mooney Suzuki, Mono Men, Quadrajets, Sugar Shack, Motards, just to name a few...). The boys plan to spend a lot of time on the road in 2003... ARE YOU READY?
The Studdogs are from Orlando, Florida. They are what Howling Wolf would sound like through a wall of noise and distortion. This band isn?t doing anything new, they're just playing roots music.They?re explanation, because everything new sucks. The Studdogs play a dead music because they don't want to play what?s now breathing. They aren't pretty, they aren't likeable, and they aint that bright, but they sure as hell know rock n roll. They?ve toured the whole U.S. and have been playing around the southeast extensively. The Studdogs have played with the likes of: The Immortal Lee County Killers, The Lost Sounds, Porch Ghouls, The Fleshtones, Bob Log III, The Richmond Sluts, The Sign Offs etc., etc... They grew up on punk rock and love the blues, old rock n roll and country, and more than anything else playing out. With the release of their first full length, "The Gospel According to The Studdogs" (on Los Angeles based label Orange Recordings), their plan of action from here on out is to live in a van till they find the means to fund their lifestyles of excess. That?s it plain and simple. Hope you enjoy.
Rob K (also of The Workdogs), the man was born the same year that Elvis recorded at Sun Studios.. His blend of country-garage-blues-folk-rock is second only to the musicians that he keeps within the circle.. Jon Spencer, Marcellus Hall, Bob Bert, Hollis Queens, Matt Verta-Ray, Scott Jarvis, Zeke Healey, Christina Martinez, Kid Congo Powers.. The list goes on.. His newest album is the first stuff out since his Workdogs era.. Which was the same lineage of multiple side musicians and included his (still to this day way of doing it) stream-of consciousness lyrical approach to songwriting. Gritty, raw and real!
Two Tone Eldorado is a rock shit hot 2 piece. Playing on all vintage gear, recording in the same vien. Think Blue Cheer meets the Black Crowes.
Chicago's Cells fuse masterful pop songwriting with explosive punk guitars and aching harmonies to create a searing, urgent soundtrack for these skittish times. Brokenhearted rock casualties with winsome smiles on their faces, this Chicago quartet will bludgeon you with love. Singer/songster Cory Hance, guitarist Pat McIntyre, bassist Rick Ness (Figdish) and drummer Randy Payne hope two themes stand out on their upcoming album, "We Can Replace You" ... love still rules, and you're right to be paranoid.
Atlanta's Ultrababyfat are Michelle, Shonali, Britta (Luna) and Shane. "Ultrababyfat has mastered a tasty mix of the feminine and the feral, combining sweet harmonies with the edgy crunch of their electric guitars. They're the bastard child of The Ronettes and The Troggs, part 'Be My Baby' and part 'Wild Thing'." (Pop Culture Corn)
Parker & Lily, formerly Valentine Six. Featuring guitar work from Matt Verta-Ray of The Oubliettes and Speedball Baby! "A swell, creepy NYC (band that) would fit neatly in the movies David Lynch would have made in the fifties." - Village Voice
Them Wranch - In the vein of Cash Audio, The Gories and Cheater Slicks. Them Wranch play strange music with influences from all over the place. Mixing a little 60's pop, a touch of blues, country, soul, good old punk, and early seventies guitar rock. Them Wranch take it all into the garage and come out with punk defying music. It adds up to a whole lotta creepy crawly shit.
Cash Money is Cash Audio....The dual twin towers from Chicago had to make a name change due to some legalities...They've been dogged and abused by promoters and bartenders in too many gin mills to mention. State troopers know them by their first names. Letter to Stax (2x7"), Oil Can (7") and some rare God and Texas (Featuring John Humphrey) titles are all available at the store. The 10"/CD from the boys is out now - The Orange Sessions. They also are included on the Orange Sessins Vol. 2 with The Immortal Lee County Killers II.
Geraldine plays high energy, honest and dirty rocknroll. They combine the best elements of early punk rock with Chess blues, (think Sonny Boy, Little Walter, and Elmore James and you're on the right track) early soul, and and a dash of British invasion stuff. They're touring all the time so look for their Pure Bastard Rock at your local trashy rocknroll dives! If you dig Cash Audio, you'll love these guys!
Bringing back the lo-fi asthetic...From Memphis, Tennessee fall our new favorites - The Porch Ghouls....Put on your Doo-Rags and join the band. Speaking of Doo Rags, if you enjoy anything involving Bob Log III - you'll go ape-shit over The Porch Ghouls!
Together, Seattle's Manatees combine the crashing aggression of sixties surf music, with an exotic brew of influences ranging from jazz and funk to Middle Eastern and Spanish flavors. If the Ventures and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass drove a train through the middle of a Cal Tjader set at the Tiki Torch Lounge, it would probably sound something like the Manatees.

Seattle's Surf Rock Sensation! Take 2 parts reverb-soaked Fender! guitars, one part pounding percussion, one part thumping-driving bass, and the way-out sounds of the theremin, and you've got a nitro-fueled combo known as The Manatees. From the soft romantic sounds of the South Pacific to the power of a hurricane-driven ocean wave, The Manatees are ready to blast off with super-sonic instrumental rock melodies that will send you out of this world."
White Hassle. This incredible three-peice band consists of Dave Varenka and Marcellus Hall, both of Railroad Jerk, and Matt Oliverio. Varenka plays your kitchen sink variety pots & pans as well as singing backup while Hall plays guitar, harmonica, and sings lead vocals. Their blend of rural country blues, 70's pop, 50's pop (Everly Brothers), and skiffle punk (Violent Femmes) is the stuff of genius....

Chris Ballew of The Giraffes on another side project with Tad of The Young Fresh Fellows...! These toe-tapping 60's style garage-pop rockers ala The Sonics or The Kingsmen are just right to get the holidays started. They were recorded for Tad's local cartoon series - Shelby Jenkins.
Jason Trachtenburg and His Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. "Working-class poet. Eccentric writer of memorably eccentric songs. Vaudeville genius. These descriptions have followed Jason Trachtenburg around for years, as his act worked its way deeper and deeper into the Jet City's underground music/open-mic scene. But recent developments have been bringing him quickly towards the surface: an addictive debut CD, a brilliantly bizarre slide presentation, and a six-year-old daughter who plays the drums are all suddenly the talk of the town." - Tablet Newspaper
The Giraffes are here to wipe away your tears and sooth you through a rainy afternoon on the couch. The Days are Filled With Years, features Chris Ballew of The Presidents of The USA. This one will turn your grey skies blue.
The Mother Hips from Chico, California.....This is real Rock and Roll. Their music is a blend of guitar-driven rock, country, folk, r&b, blues, soul and pop, laden with time signature changes. The music's lilting, sweet and innovative harmonies are reminiscent of the The Everly Brothers, The Beach Boys and Gram Parsons.