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Medium Rare >>> CD / 12" LP

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Big Noise From East Maynard >>> CD / 12" LP
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Click Here to Purchase Vinyl/CD
$9 [ plus shipping & handling ]
[ We will ship the retail CD or LP to your door ]

The dirty face of rock has brushed the crust from its eyes and Them Wranch want to play it for you, your sweetheart, and all your friends. Let it be said that much in the way of way out sound is where Them Wranch take you. You might make some reference to this or that; such as the band's love of psychedelia, soul, blues, country, and their dedication to all sounds primitive and groove oriented. But then you would be spending too much time on the subject and not enough time moving, dancing, or fucking to Them Wranch.

I mean that's what Them Wranch is all about, right? It's not about slamming into your neighbor and pushin' 'em down. It's about sliding next to 'em and holdin' 'em up, real close. If you're one of the lucky ones to catch Them Wranch live you know what I mean. If you're not one of the lucky ones then listening to the disc you have now will take you there. Listening to this disc is like walking down the street, coming to the bar door and goin' inside as Them Wranch fires it up. It's like bein' there without leaving your living room. And we know how you all love to live in that room. Some of the tunes on this record may make you feel like you're gettin' real close as you slink your way into the sweaty crowd. Other tunes will make you feel like you're sittin' in a dark corner booth with one you love or one you hope to love. Yet, other tunes will make you feel like you're lucky enough to take that special person home for the night. Once you get them home it's up to you, but Them Wranch may be able to help you out. If you slip this disc on there are tunes for foreplay, play, and cuddling.

Them Wranch consists of Andy Ranch (singing and guitar), Gerry Morrison (bass and singing), and 1/2 of the defunct Hairy Patt Band, Joe Patt (singing and drumming). Gigging locally, regionally, and releasing several 7"s since 1996 Them Wranch released their first full length "Big Noise From East Maynard" in 2000 and went nationwide. The band has toured the country several times on their own and with England's extraordinary Country Teasers. After rejecting offers and huge sums of money from hundreds of record labels the boys decide to go with Orange Recordings for the release of their second and current full length, "Medium Rare" . The deal with Orange was clinched when Them Wranch rolled into San Diego strung out from the road and were treated like kings to beer and fish tacos by Ron Sievers, Orange president and founder.

If "Big Noise From East Maynard" was a sonic testament to life in Columbus, Ohio then "Medium Rare" is the sound of years of musical inbreeding giving birth to a bastard that's so beautiful it's ugly. We don't need to tell you who the many parents are, but if that's your thing then listen to the disc and you can probably figure it out yourself. It's just a sample of what you can get from Them Wranch who may be bringing it to your town in 2001.

Anyway, there's only so much that can be said, but so much more that can be heard. Cheers!
>>> Them Wranch Tour tracks: (TOP 25 songs heard in the van)

1. Roy Orbison- "Ride Away"
2. Booker T. and the M.G.'s- "Red Beans and Rice" (live)
3. Led Zeppelin- "Rock and Roll"
4. Led Zeppelin- "Houses of the Holy"
5. Led Zeppelin- "Sick Again"
6. Rhetta Hughes- "Light My Fire"
7. Queens of the Stoneage- "Mexicola"
8. The Kinks- "I Go to Sleep"
9. The Doors- "Blue Sunday"
10. The Doors- "Who Scared You"
11. The Doors- "Wishful Sinful"
12. Peggy Lee- "I'm Confessin'"
13. Led Zeppelin- "We're Gonna Groove"
14. The Zombies- "One Day I'll Say Goodbye"
15. The Doors- "Peace Frog"
16. Queens of the Stoneage- "Regular John"
17. Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra- "Some Velvet Morning"
18. The Who- "My Wife"
19. The Country Teasers- "Secrets in Welsh"
20. The Jackson 5- "Never Can Say Goodbye"
21. Humble Pie- "30 Days in the Hole"
22. Can- "Outside the Door"
23. The Dovers- "What am I Going to Do?"
24. The Action- "Baby You Got It"
25. Them Wranch- entire "Medium Rare" album every night (live)

a top 25 if you will....

Them Wranch have indeed called it quits as "Them Wranch". But Joe and Andy have each moved into some new territory and are already on the road with their new bands. Joe's new band has yet to be named and in the meantime he is touring with the Country Teasers. Andy's new band The Tough and Lovely are a four member band, guitar/bass/drum with a female lead singer. They've played several dates & have several more coming up: Friday June 28 - Hometown debut at Skully's Music Diner in Columbus, OH with Thee Shams; Saturday June 29 - Detroit, MI with the Detroit Cobras at the Lager House; Saturday July 13 - Cincinatti OH with Thee Shams at the Comet; Saturday August 10 - Athens, OH at the Union with the Bitter Pills; Thursday August 15 - Detroit, MI at the Lagerhouse with the Country Teasers; Friday August 16 - Columbus, OH at Bernies with the Country Teasers; Saturday August 17 - Newport, KY at the Southgate House with the Country Teasers; They're also playing in Cleveland with the Teasers but we don't know the date yet. More to come!
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