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Music Supervision & Licensing
Soundtrack Development
Music Coordination
Track Placement
Film Scores

We have over 14 years of direct experience in the music and film industry.

We aid in selection, supervision, synchronization and master license use for the music put to film, television, new media/internet and video games. This entails selecting and marrying the correct music to your project to create the mood that you are envisioning. This is a process where we first discuss your thoughts on the music. In the next step we take some time to review your project; research it, brainstorm track ideas and come back to you with some general recommendations. With you, we begin to whittle the selections down to a genre, particular style or certain artist.

Once we have the mood and the feel down with the chosen music, we will work on your behalf to determine the correct rights to be requested (Festival, TV, Internet, Feature Length, etc.), the exact territory (USA, France, etc.), precise terms (6 months, in perpetuity, etc.) and of course the actual license (Sync or Master) for that music and negotiate the best rate so that piece can be used in your project.

Working with your editor to facilitate the music's use in the actual video or film is also a part of our service. Timing and syncing in the studio is where the two art forms meet.

We have over 115,000 tracks of which we can recommend from our pool - and this is just what we have on hand, in-house… we can find or locate anything outside of our libraries or archives when required.

As you want your project to standout through storytelling, art direction or cinematography, we want your project to standout on music merits as well. We’ll listen to everything (from Led Zeppelin to the Chrome Cranks) or score an original piece (from acoustic to orchestral) to get your project noticed. Any way you look at it, Orange is the answer!

A few recent client comments:

  • "Your music selection made the difference... Thanks so much." - V. Mohney
  • "Yes, thank you Ron. Your music selection raised the impact of this piece. The music is often praised." - J. Bell

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