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We've come a long way since 1996.. With a long run in Chicago and then stints in SD, LA and now Seattle... We like to think we've passed the bar.

In the world of music there seems to be a gapping hole that cannot articulate, let alone appreciate the flavors that so courageously bellow from Orange Recordings. Orange boasts a straightforward, 4 on the floor, dual-carb approach that is never compromised on the artists' behalf, but is always integrated to bring indie credibility to those who partake. Dabbling in indie rock, 60's garage, 70's guitar rock, surf, salsa & swamp-dirty blues, Orange keeps an ever so delicate hold of the mainstream music that culture yearns for, while keeping true to the fans of that music. While precariously preying upon what is not past, present or future, but taking hold of an ever-encompassing musical realm of infinity, Orange artists instantly lead themselves into the annals of history; an idea that many talk about and believe in, but very few bring to the table. Whether the Orange credibility comes from the artist, hipster or plain Jane listener, it doesn't matter, because the likes of its' bands (White Hassle, Ultrababyfat, The Drapes, Cash Audio, The Giraffes, Parker and Lily, The Cells and others) see that an artists involvement in their label is as important as the labels involvement in their artists.

Orange Recordings, take a look...

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OK, here's the deal with demo submissions... We'd love to hear your stuff, we like most anything, but due to the fact that we never had time in the day to listen to everything we received in the past, we want you to sell us on your band! (We have to pull the weeds). Tell us why you're the shit, tell us why we're the shit, why do you want to be on this label. Give us some press quotes, who you have played with, where you have played, what you are all about, what you look like, let us know about your site, tell us what you have been doing to promote yourselves, in general, make us want to want you. But most importantly DO NOT SEND MP3's/MPEG's - just don't do it. We love vinyl, CD's, 7"'s, 10"'s, everything. If we are going to spend our time working our asses off on your record, we want to see that you guys have done or are willing to work your asses off too. Show us that you're ready! Email your spiel here, and we will get back with you soon! Thanks.