Coming Soon... Sleeping with Snakes [Vol. 2]: Seattle
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Notes from the Los Angeles Underbelly
272 pages
8.5" x 5.5"
Trade Paperback [shipped via USPS]
272 pages
8.5" x 5.5"
PDF e-book [sent via email]

+ Ron Sievers [ Anthologist ]
You don’t need to flirt with the waitress because she is the actress you slept with two years ago...

In a town made up of transplants and implants, where devils never sleep and a drug score is like a trip to the ATM, one would assume that everyone has as story to tell. Well, within that thick layer of guilt that LA holds above her – call it smog, call it sin – something ain’t right and good or bad, real or fad, you’ll read about the rotting souls that live among the streets that are paved with gold.

Truth and fiction become a blur in this collection of 32 Los Angeles based authors – including an early 80s commentary by the late Charles Bukowski. All of these authors have placed their own spin onto the culture that is so uniquely LA. From sinfully delicious tales of murder to porn and drugs to love, you'll read everything you ever thought you never wanted to know about this town.

Put your plastic surgeon on hold, fire up the Range Rover and become a part of this capitalist, commercial, celebrity obsessed, self-indulgent community that we all call home.

Authors in this collection include:
+ Charles Bukowski
+ Brandon Christopher
+ Marc Shapiro
+ Gordon Basichis [ link ]
+ Michael DiGregorio [ link ]
+ Sari Domash [ link ]
+ Brian C. Weed [ link ]
+ Melissa Rosen
+ Darin Bennett [ link ]
+ Matt Dukes Jordan
+ Andrew Charles Bloy
+ Josh Gloer [ link ]
+ John Dooley [ link ]
+ Kathleen Maraschino
+ Dan Fante [ link ]
+ Chris Iovenko [ link ]
+ Marna Bunger [ link ]
+ Trevor Nathaniel Rager
+ David Villanueva [ link ]
+ Todd Eliassen
+ GN Harris
+ Alexis Lockman [ link ]
+ Mark Webster [ link ]
+ Ray Sikorski
+ Gavin Hignight [ link ]
+ Carla Garcia
+ Mike Golden [ link ]
+ Thomas Fuchs
+ Coury Turczyn
+ Rob Neighbors
+ Deidre Woollard
+ Kevin Rogers
Sleeping with Snakes is our “series-brand” [ ]. We compile collections of short stories from new, up and coming authors in the vein of Bukowski, Fante, Hammett, Welsh, Capote, Hemmingway, et al. We choose a city and find authors that are based there - the stories don't really need to be set there, but the authors usually are (or have spent a considerable time there).

The goal is to capitalize on the uniqueness of major cities around the globe and collect a moment in time with its citizens, writers and their stories. Imagine Sleeping with Snakes [Vol. 7]: Notes from the Bangkok Underbelly… New York City, New Orleans, Seattle, Chicago and more! We feel that this style resonates with the inner community as well as interested parties outside of the local area. There are no real guidelines that our books adhere to - although most of the stories we select are of sub-culture interest; greed, drugs, relationships, drinking, true crime, gutters, thievery, cheating, lying, stealing etc. - You may find a selection from an unpublished novel or an excerpt from an old screen play that never saw the light of day. You might even read a story that was written solely for a certain volume. Nothing is set in stone.

Most recently we published Sleeping with Snakes [Vol. 1]: Notes from the Los Angeles Underbelly (The Press Release can be downloaded as a PDF here). We’re now slated for volume two where Seattle will be our focus.

Of all the reasons we created this anthology, these are but a few...
  • The short attention span of people today is ideally suited to the short story format.
  • There is a fascination with Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area. Interest follows the people that live there and the stories they live.
  • And of course, when we tried looking for collections based on city specific authors, we came up empty handed. This series will fill that void (other cities around the world will see their own volume in the coming years).
Ron Sievers (anthologist) is from Chicago, IL. and now resides in Seattle, WA. His love of literature, music and all things left-of-center led him to conceive and develop the series, Sleeping with Snakes: Notes from the Underbelly. He compiled Vol. 1 while living in Los Angeles between 2001 and 2004. Ron is currently working on Sleeping with Snakes [Vol. 2], which will be set in Seattle and should be out in 2010. In his spare time, Ron Sievers also runs Orange Recordings [ a record label: ].