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Hello Halo >>> CD

FORMERLY KNOWN EXCLUSIVELY AS VALENTINE SIX, the band has in recent months performed most often under the alias Parker and Lily . Their newly completed full-length CD (Hello Halo) is out now. Currently they reside in Manhattan, and are local favorites in such clubs as the Cooler, the Knitting Factory, CBGB, the Mercury Lounge, etc. Notable regular collaborators, live and on recordings, include Matt Verta-Ray (from In The Red band Speedball Baby) on slide and steel guitars, and Tony Corsano (from James Chance & the Contortions) on drums. They have also recently hired a new member - Christina Campanella - to play farfisa with them live, so they're a three-piece onstage now. Verta-Ray in particular must be considered a powerful force behind the scenes of Parker & Lily's output, both for his strong engineering and production work (utilizing vintage tube & tape technology), and for his soaring, melodic steel solos. Live, in the Manhattan area, the band swells at times onstage to as many as five members, though performances outside the New York area are mostly duo affairs. They have toured extensively in Europe and the States, with the assistance of the PCP Entertainment and Crippled Dick Hot Wax labels, Girlie Action Publicity, and the IBD Booking Agency.

THUMB FORWARD CHRONOLOGICALLY THROUGH A GIVEN record collection, through the slow, sad singers of American pop history. Past romantic crooners like Roy Orbison & Johnny Mathis and chronic depressives like Jimmy Scott & the Walker Brothers, pausing briefly at the early Velvets before moving on into the present. At the far end of such a shelf, side by side with disks by modern melancholy luminaries like Magnetic Fields, Tindersticks, Portishead, Lambchop, East River Pipe, Cat Power, & the Friends of Dean Martinez, you'll find the Parker and Lily and Valentine 6 recordings.

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