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Third Floor Story >>> 7"
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orange, orange recordings, mother, hips, cash, money, chris, ballew, presidents, usa, vinyl, chicago, records, free, stickersThe Mother Hips began in 1991 at California State University at Chico. The line-up consists of original members, guitarist/lyricist Tim Bluhm, guitarist Greg Loiacono, bassist Isaac Parsons and the newest member, drummer, John Hofer.

Their music is a blend of guitar-driven rock, country, folk, r&b, blues, soul and pop, laden with time signature changes. The music's lilting, sweet and innovative harmonies are reminiscent of the The Everly Brothers, The Beach Boys and Gram Parsons. Their contemporaries march along with that of Dave Zollo and Wilco. Rooted in their dynamic rock guitars, soaring vocals and deep rhythmic grooves are lyrics that capture your heart and soul and tell of everyday stories of life, living and stories of heartbreak that we've all encountered. The Mother Hips have an incredible penchant for adding different flavors and textures to every song they touch. Drawing on the deep reserves of american music and literature, they create a collection of colorful words and fluid phrases that reveal a romantic, yet raw look at life.

In 1991 after a late night session in the Chico dorm bathrooms, The Mother Hips incubation process began. Time soon followed, everyone went their own way, and as fate would have it they made it into each others lives again. The band began playing parties and clubs in and around Chico, and within months they were packing bars up and down the California coast. After a year or so of constant touring, they dropped out of school and took to the road full time. In 1992 The Mother Hips released their debut album, Back to The Grotto. the hips followed up with appearances at 1993's CMJ Music Marathon, and1994's SXSW convention in Austin, finally catching the attention of all the majors. In mid-1994 american recordings won the struggle to sign The Mother Hips. by late 94' they recorded Part-timer Goes Full, their 2nd album and the first of 2 for american. the next album, Shootout (1996), had great potential to reach everyone in America judging from the pre-relaese industry buzz, however, the week that shootout was released, american decided to pull all promotion and tour support for the band. Needless to say The Mother Hips and american parted ways soon after, allowing them to record and release later days, their 4th album, independantly. ORANGE, MOTHER, HIPS, VINYL, RECORDS, WILCOCurrently, The Mother Hips have released a vinyl 7" record for Orange, which was recorded in California during the sessions for their 5th album. As you read this they are probably putting the finishing touches on that 5th album. The new 7" record is what you would call a buffer between albums. These songs will not be on the new record, so buy 'em while ya' can.

The Mother Hips have been included on the 1995 h.o.r.d.e. festival, played with Wilco and have sold out shows at legendary rock venues such as cbgb's and The Fillmore.
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