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Formed in early 2000, The Peelers play really fuckin' loud and really fuckin' hard. they have built a reputation as one of the most energetic, exciting and sometimes bloody live bands in Chicago. They have shaken asses and foundations around the mid-west with bands such as Sons Of Herculies, Supersuckers, Lazy Cowgirls, Baseball Furies, Cash Audio and their drummers former band Gaza Strippers. In the summer of 2002 the band went into Engine Studios in Chicago, and recorded their debut single and released it on their own. the single has had great reviews, Chicago's NEW CITY readers poll 2002 voted them Chicago's best new band. THEGETDOWNSYNDROME was recorded by Texas legend Tim Kerr (Mooney Suzuki, Mono Men, Quadrajets, Sugar Shack, Motards, just to name a few)... The boys plan to spend a lot of time on the road in 2004... ARE YOU READY?

If you were lucky enough to catch The Peelers on their first fabulous US tour, the musical punch up herein will come as no surprise. If the rock n' roll didn't make it to your town, don't worry - simply stand in front of the fire in Pop's chunkiest winter sweater, smoke plenty of cigarettes while a friend pours beer down your back and it'll be almost every bit as exciting as attending an actual Peelers show. (Don't forget to spin this CD at the same time). Comprised of sonic refugees from the Gaza Strippers, The Hodads, and The Hired Goons, there is nary a garage - to - modern rock stone left unturned by this furious fivesome. The Peelers have earned their proverbial "rock union cards" playing with a rouges gallery not limited to; The Deadly Snakes, The Sons Of Hercules, The Lost Sounds, The Henchmen, The Fags, The Lazy Cow Girls, Sylvain Sylvain (NY Dolls), Thee Shams, The Horrors, The Immortal Lee County Killers II, The 45's, The Sunday Drunks, and The Supersuckers.

As if this wasn't enough the "boys" have seen fit to further pollute our airwaves with this, Thegetdownsyndrome, their debut long player. Producer Tim Kerr has evidently made no attempt to tone down The Peelers for this waxing which is every bit as gnarly a listening experience as one of their feral live shows. What more can one say about this disc? If unintelligible shouting over a cretinous off key backbeat apparently recorded in five minutes with a minimum of rehearsal is your "scene", I dare say that this CD will be a treasured addition to your popular music collection.

- Rev. Donald "Downtown" DuPree III esq.
Aaron Watkins - former bassist for The Peelers passed away on June 25th, 2005. He lost his battle with cancer. Our hearts go out to his friends, band mates, fans and family.
If you dig The All-Night Movers, you may also enjoy Cash Audio or White Hassle, Gerladine, Them Wranch or The Immortal Lee County Killers.
Review syndicated in OUTSIGHT, TEARAWAY, INK 19, TURBULA.NET, hEARD,
This Tim Kerr-recorded slab of aluminum is a deceptively massive collection of hard-edged garage-revival rock. The Chicago band includes former members of Gaza Strippers, The Hodads and The Hired Goons. The group's sound features a driving drum beat, clamorous guitars and fevered group vocals. The group is at its best when it dives headlong into a rough and psychedelic jam like "Into the Sun". (4) - Tom 'Tearaway' Schulte


Chicago has a lot of downs nowadays when it comes down to pure rock n' roll. The Peelers ain't one of them. Ranging from a mixture of glam with garage, this band has done an exceptional job musically and lyrically on their first full lenght debut album on Orange Recodings. Their 70's style of hard rock is played quite well, loud and really fucking ass pounding hard. The Peelers have been paying their dues since early 2000 and finally starting to get the exposure they deserve. Their resume includes many midwestern tours with bands such as, Sons Of Herculies, Supersuckers, Lazy Cowgirls, Baseball Furies, Cash Audio and their drummers former band Gaza Strippers. The Get Down Syndrome falls under the top 10 albums on my personal list of 2003, and it doesn't fall under yours cause you haven't heard it yet, however, once you do, its going to grab you by the balls and not going to let go for quite a long period of time.

Upon my favourite tracks we have, Peel It Down, Rocking on Your Dime and the great Joneses cover they do of Pillbox which sounds so junkied out!!!!!!. SUPERB!

There are not many bands who upon first listen make me want to go rush and get one of their shirts. The Peelers do. I want one of their shirts so when some dickwad at a lame arse party comes up to me and asks, "Hey dude who the fuck are the Peelers?" I can shake up a beer, open it really close to their face and reply; "I have no idea. Your girlfriend bought it for me". These guys play really loud and really hard. Featuring members of the Gaza Strippers, Hodads and the Hired Goons their garage rock and alcoholism pedigree is second to none. Recorded by Tim Kerr, the bluesy guitar riffs and thud thud drums match the loserville lyrics like nicotine stained fingers match the next day's hangover. Yeah, so they are hardly reinventing the wheel, but they don't claim to be. Songs like Want Some, Into the Sun and Take A Ride sound like a bunch of shitty bands, playing in a bunch of shitty clubs, in a bunch of shitty countries in Scandinavia. The only the difference being is the Peelers realise they are never gonna get signed to Interscope. Hell, they know they won't even get signed to In The Red. Oh, and they aren't shit. - Tim Scott