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The Orange Sessions Vol. 2 w/ Cash Audio & The Immortal Lee County Killers >>> Split 10"

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The Orange Sessions Vol. 1 w/ Cash Audio >>> CD/10" [ CD is the 10" w/ bonus material ]

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Vol. 1
Cash Audio
[ CD & 10" ]
Vol. 2
Immortal Lee County Killers II & Cash Audio
[ Split 10" ]

You could say that Cash Audio has been living the blues. Granted, the modern-day blues. But that doesn't mean Cash Audio is a blues band. They're aren't up on stage belting out some watered down version of "Sweet Home Chicago" or cock-and-bull rave up of "Caldonia." Get it straight, Cash Audio is not a blues band. This IS, though, 100 percent American Rock and Roll. And where did Rock and Roll come out of? Exactly. It must be said, though, if you like the blues, you'll probably like Cash Audio. Then again, if you like shoving your hand in a blender, you'll probably like Cash Audio as well.

Stem their reductionist and irreverent take on traditional rock and roll through a punk rock, "anything goes" attitude, and you've got a feel for the Cash Audio's aural clenched fist-to-the-head.

Cash Audio is John Humphrey and Scott Giampino, a two-piece guitar and drums duo that makes more racket and coherent full sound than any other duo you've heard. plus, these boys, refreshingly, know how to play their instruments. They are not here to look good in magazines dammit! "The Orange Sessions" is a brand new 8-song* offering recorded in Chicago using, as usual to Cash Audio, an all analog recording style. Their unique sound comes from their retro roots - growing up with Zeppelin and the Stones, putting that background through a punk rock set of eyes and ears, and throwing conventionality out the flippin' window.

* 10" includes 7 new tracks
* CD includes extra track, interview and original Letter to Stax 2x7" - (OR001)

Coming off lasts springs cage rattling instrumental sessions in Chicago, Cash Audio serves up three short doses of "Rockabluesabilly" at its finest. Although they been everywhere, they obviously hadn't been to Seattle, since the band has called it quits after Scotty decided to take a job offer and relocate. "Orange Sessions Vol II", is a posthumous release capturing the bands late period "instro-sound" at it's peak. Fans should not disdain however as this slab of wax is great introduction for John's new project "The Night Callers" who will debut as quartet in 2003.

John of Cash Audio also would like to note that is their sincere pleasure to be sharing "Vol II" with long time friends the Immortal Lee County Killers II, after all it was the then "Cash Money" that inspired the Cheeta to form "ILCK" after a drunken night in New Orleans during the Quadrajets/Cash Money tour."

Chetley of the Immortal Lee County Killers II retorts; "While staring into my whiskey after the show in New Orleans, I enviously watched Cash Audio hop in the station wagon with their minimal amount of equipment and drive away. Meanwhile the 4 other embattled Quadrajets split the crumbs and tried to find Robert. Cash MONEY (fuck those rapping lawyers who made them change their names) and the Flat Duo Jets preceded the current milieu of duos in the punk rock scene. Now that the good man, Scotty, has packed up the station wagon and left Chicago for new roads to Seattle, we've lost some old-school-cool allies. Here's two ILCK revamps of two Quadrajet battlehorses to share sides with the big boss' from Chicago's East Side... Still no word from Robert."

"The Orange Session's Vol II" is a unique peak at Americas' real rock underground. No MTV, no glossy magazines for these guys.They play music not to try to make living but because of who they are, it's in their blood.

John Humphrey – Guitar and Vocals
Scott Giampino – Drums

Chetley Weise - Guitar and Vocals
JRR Token - Drums

NOTE: Why the "II" in Immortal Lee County Killers you ask? - JRR Token took Doug "The Boss" Sherrard's place at the traps.
The Immortal Lee County Killers III >>> Have truly released their new record. THESE BONES WILL RISE TO LOVE YOU AGAIN. Records are already on the shelves of your local cool record store. The record features 11 tracks performed by the trio. Elements of the accustomed ILCK sound efinitely still buzz present, but naturally, the band also provides some new twists. Initial reviews have been mixed. Listeners have either understood, appreciated, and embraced the evolution or, the THESE BONES WILL RISE TO LOVE YOU AGAIN has left the listener confused, alienated and venomous

The Immortal Lee County Killers III >>> The band has just finished the brand new full length CD/LP These Bones Will Rise To Love You Again. It will be released September 5 in the UK/Europe by the plonkers at Funhouse and September 6 in the USA by the fine people at TEE PEE, also in Australia by In-Fidelity Records. The ILCKIII, along with Nashville’s own Black Diamond Heavies, will be touring the UK/Ireland beginning September 3 in support of the new record.

Much has happened to ILCK over the last few months. First, the band is pleased to announce the recent tour of Australia marked the finale of the ILCK duo. Long time friend Jeff Goodwin has now joined the ILCKillers on organ/ electric piano. Mr. Goodwin is now a full writing/performing member, and of course will appear on all upcoming releases. Jeff comes directly from the Lee County scene. May the powers that be show him mercy.

In the meantime, seven inch singles hover on the horizon featuring the 3. Look for the singles from Sweet Nothing (UK), Munster (Spain), Smash (Australia), and Homo Habilis (USA) to land within the next two months.
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MAGNET No. 60 / Sep|Oct 2003
Ignore the White Stripes. This split 10-inch of guitar-and-drum duos emotes more grit, soul and garage-blues whomp than those overhyped candyasses. The now-defunct Cash Audio bangs out three hellacious instrumentals of rockabilly-blues swagger that reek of the whiskey bottle once shared by R.L. Burnside and Jon Spencer. The energy level is cranked up by the Killers, whose maniacal guitar slashing and slapping traps erupt into orgasmic trash blues. The slowed-down "Ooo-Wee" is a hillbilly wet dream, not unlike the kinetic whambam tomfoolery of the opening "She Likes It," on which visions of moonshine and incest climax in a fireball of distortion.
-Ron Bally