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The Porch Ghouls are from the bowels of Memphis, this is their first EP and will be followed by a full length in the fall of 2001!. Shake it up baby!:

Somewhere down a deserted alley, in a forgotten neighborhood lies an old juke joint. It's here, with its crumbling concrete walls, cobwebs and dust of age, that the living dead meet every Saturday night. The fiends shake it up and the creeps boogie down all to the unholy groove of the house band, the Porch Ghouls.

Eldorado Del Rey (of Grit Kisser), with only a Dobro as his weapon, fearlessly pilots this ghastly ship. Duke Baltimore pounds out jungle rhythms on his vintage 1950's suitcase. Slim Electro (of the Grifters) lays down the slinky slide geetar as Randy Valentine hypnotizes with his electrified mouth harp.

They are the leaders of a new musical movement known as Ruckus. The movement takes it's name from a 1920's slang term for the Memphis jug bands. Although they take inspiration from the jug bands you can count on the Porch Ghouls to do their own brand of stompin' ruckus music....Bluff City Ruckus!

A group that mixes white and black blues and rock in a way that Memphis has done to unique effect, whether it be Elvis or more recent, less-celebrated bands
- (The Oblivions) - Mark Jordan, The Memphis Flyer

The Porch Ghouls will weave their sound around you, trapping you in their muddy web. Check out their debut e.p. on Orange Recordings, recorded by the legendary Jeffrey Evans (of Gibson Brothers and 68' Comeback fame). It?s available on glorious 10-inch vinyl and a full length of originals to follow. Low-fidelity has never gotten you so high.

These guys have played porches all over the continental U.S. and are probably playing one near you soon. If you don't believe the Ghouls lay down the booty shaking boogie, you had better get hip. You either get with ruckus, or become one of the lost souls!
>>> The Porch Ghouls have just been signed by Aerosmith's Joe Perry to his Roman Records to do an album & tour! Completely overwhelmed by the band's tape which was intended to be their 1st full length lp (and which may never come out now!), Mr. Perry took to calling the Ghouls and rappin' with 'em until sure enough, the deal itself was a wrap. Tales of backstage hanging, roadies, equipment, hair product and workout tips have begun to be heard. Yeah go get 'em Ghouls. They're headed to Easley to record after some showcases for Perry's project...
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