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With (Atlanta's) Ultrababyfat, "pure pop never sounded, well, so pure." (Forth Worth Weekly) This female fronted rock band is led by longtime childhood friends Michelle DuBois and Shonali Bhowmik, who both share songwriting, guitar and vocal duties. The band is completed by Britta Phillips (also of Luna) on bass and vocals, and Shane Sanders on the drums. "Simple 60's inspired pop hooks, crunchy guitar breaks, groovy beats, and shambling all-natural vocal interplay combine with Michelle and Shonali's instinctive camaraderie for an optimistic formula that is infectious and irresistible." (Stomp and Stammer)."Ultrababyfat also hearkens back to the glory days of inter-gender rock in the early 90's, when it was new and exciting and every song had that shiver of sexuality running through it: the chemistry of men and women playing together in a kind of collaborative intimacy like never before." (New York Press) "Ultrababyfat has mastered a tasty mix of the feminine and the feral, combining sweet harmonies with the edgy crunch of their electric guitars.

They're the bastard child of The Ronettes and The Troggs, part 'Be My Baby' and part 'Wild Thing'." (Pop Culture Corn)
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