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Initially started as a "challenge band", where as each band member was allowed to make only one trip to the car for equipment...All you could carry in one trip, was what you had to play simultaneously....So as history goes, Chris made the trip with a guitar, an amp and a keyboard; Chris plays guitar and keyboard at the same time (sometimes playing the keyboard with a guitar pick or the headstock of the guitar). Tad got the job of hauling the drum kit...How can you make one trip with a full kit you ask?....Get yourself a childrens set with a 15" bass drum, 1 cymbal, a 7" snare and 2 tiny, tiny toms (a.k.a. a "childrens set").

The Chris and Tad story goes like this...

Chris was little.
Tad was little.
Chris grew up.
Tad grew up.
Chris saw Tad in The Young Fresh Fellows.
Chris learned from Tad how to rok.
Chris played in The Presidents.
Chris quit The Presidents.
Tad said that they should get together and not do anything they didn't want to do.
Chris thought that sounded like a good time.
Chris and Tad played shows and made funny.
Chris plays the organ and guitar at the same time.
Tad plays drums that are tiny and makes them sound big.
Chris and Tad play live and folks jiggle with laughter.
Chris decides that he wants to be in a different band,
and so with the idea that they wouldn't do any thing they didn't want to do,
Chris turns The Giraffes (his recording project), into a live band.
With limited time on their hands and with Tads career as a top notch graphic illustrator and sublime comic-genius-artist-painter man on the rise, they stop playing live.
But in the mean time they managed to make a chart busting hit record called "Moments and Selections".
They are very proud of its vacuous smile factory like character, and... they know you will enjoy it....
Straight from the band themselves...

We are playing the Sunset Tavern 2nd anniversary show with The Young Fresh Fellows and Huge Space Bird on the 21st of June and doing more silent movies with Tiny Picture Club (a touring show) that shows 12-14 modern short silent movies and finds local musicians to play for them. That is on the 27th at the Market theatre in the Pike Place Market.

We are also getting a trio of web sites together to help our film scoring and theme song business along and we will link up with you when they are done.. We just wrote a song for the new Dana Carvey movie called Master of Disguise. And we wrote a song for a cartoon on the WB called YU-GI-OH! That will be made in to a promo video to advertise the us and the show.

- Chris
If you dig Chris and Tad... You might want to check out The Giraffes... Another of Chris' great projects.