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The Studdogs are from Orlando, Florida.They are what Howling Wolf would
sound like through a wall of noise and distortion. This band isn't doing anything new, they're just playing roots music.They're explanation, because everything new sucks. The Studdogs play a dead music because they don't want to play what's now breathing. They aren't pretty, they aren't likeable, and they aint that bright, but they sure as hell know rock n roll. They've toured the whole U.S. and have been playing around the southeast extensively. The Studdogs have played with the likes of: The Immortal Lee County Killers, The Lost Sounds, Porch Ghouls, The Fleshtones, Bob Log III, The Richmond Sluts, The Sign Offs etc?etc...They grew up on punk rock and love the blues, old rock n roll and country, and more than anything else playing out. With the release of their first full length, "The Gospel According to The Studdogs", their plan of action from here on out is to live in a van till they find the means to fund their lifestyles of excess. Rock n' Roll is back they say... The White Stripes, The Vines, The Hives.. Puuuhleeaze.. Not until you've heard the Studdogs! That's it plain and simple. Hope you enjoy.
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In Theory Magazine
"The Studdogs are like the artist kid that nobody likes at first for one reason or another, but then you see him do what he's good at and he blows you away."

Tucson Weekly
Give 'Em A Bone:
The only info I got on the Studdogs was a three song EP, called She's Dangerous, on Mutiny Productions. No idea where they're from or nuttin', the Dogs sound to these ears like a combo platter of the Gun Club's eerie goth-blooze-punk and the ne'er do well heartbreak punk of the Replacements or Johnny Thunders, with Make-up esque gospel testimony tossed in when you least expect it.

JAM Magazine
Studdogs- "The Gospel According to?" CD
Thank God that every few years Rock & Roll gets an infusion of Raw Power. Remember how pompous and annoying it had become by the mid 70's? In an attempt to destroy it punk rock managed to save Rock & Roll from itself. While not always as dramatic, subsequent years have brought plenty of adrenaline shots to the rock veins. Recently, bands like The Hives and White Stripes have managed to find an audience with a stripped down swagger that usually spells doom in the over-hyped, over-produced, and over-marketed world of popular music today.
That's why I was so happy to find Orlando's Studdogs. This band seems to GET IT without having to try. Treading the well-worn path of The Stooges, Dead Boys, Stones (when they were still on drugs), and the like, The Studdogs have managed an exciting and uncompromised sound. Too many bands with the same influences miss the point- Reckless Abandon. From the opening track, "sick and Tired, The Studdogs announce that its time to drink, fuck, and fight. The next ten tracks never stray far from the tried and true guitar, bass, drums power riff formula. Well if it aint broke?
One unexpected (and welcome) surprise is the "Dogs clear love of classic old school country music. The final track "He's Got A Woman On His Mind" is a straight shot of redneck slop. It manages to stay sincere and tongue-in-cheek simultaneously. That's a pretty cool trick indeed.
This is a self-produced album, and it shows. Fortunately, production value is a pretty unimportant thing in the Sleaze-Rock universe. Sometimes it can actually be distracting (think of the entire decade called the Eighties). The Studdogs don't let little things like technical proficiency get in the way of the ROCK. This is a beautiful thing that lots of young bands seem to have forgotten. It's been a long time since a new group hit me in the loins so resoundingly and with as much authority as The Studdogs. With just the right combination of riffs and recklessness, this band came up to get down. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
-Jeff Nolan

Carbon 14
The Studdogs- 4 song 7" EP
(Mutiny Productions)
The Studdogs gots it goin' on in a Crypt-style blues punk vein. They shoot it up in ya with three tracks that'll cause that subtle chicken-neck bobbing you do when you're snapping your fingers to something cool. Could be something rattling in your head, could be from the Walkman; hell it could be just the everyday street noise that keeps your pace. Either way its getting ya where ya need to go, so get your ass to the record store already and buy this.
-Phill D Ford

Maximum Rock N Roll
Studdogs- "The Gospel According to?" CD
Some of the biggest and bottom-heaviest sounds I've ever heard captured on plastic, no joke. "Sick 'n' Tired" benefits from a remarkably low-down-and-loud chug that perfectly suits the whiskey-fueled blues band churn out. Lyric-wise and aesthetically they're strictly run of the mill ("She's Dangerous", "Hey Baby", "That's Rock 'N' Roll", etc.) but they deserve attention if only for the remarkable tooth-grinding fidelity they have working on their side. I' convinced, yep.
-Jeff Hermann

The Studdogs "The Gospel According to?" CD
Based purely on their music, I'd say The Studdogs seem like the kind of guys that would enjoy drinking all your whiskey, buttfucking your underage sister, and smoking pot on the back porch with your redneck ex-con uncle. And I mean that as a compliment. If you get your kicks from punk-ified white trash blues a la Crypt Records, then The Gospel According to The Studdogs just might become your new favorite album. It's not the most original rock 'n' roll record I've ever heard; nor is it them most memorable. But it's got heart, brother! And it's a refreshing alternative to all the bogus over hyped wannabe "garage" shit that is currently in vogue. These guys aren't trying to be rock 'n' roll. They ARE rock 'n' roll, and they surely have the criminal record and STDs to prove it. Singer Dickie Evans slurs his vocals and sounds like a bona fide degenerate. His band mates ably back him with a crude, trashy, booze-drenched hellfire onslaught that's sure to please anyone who holds the first gun club LP in high regard. Get the picture? At last you've found the album to listen to when it's 2:00 A.M. and you've got nothing better to do than drink Wild Turkey out of the bottle.

The Studdogs- "The Gospel According to?" CD
You know when you're like, 18, and you just got laid last night with that one chick from the Wal-Mart that none of your dumbass buddies ever thought you'd get close to, and your good and buzzed from 4 beers and half a joint you just happened to find lying in the backseat of your Charger, and that honcho mustache you've been trying to cultivate all summer is finally growing in, and you're wearing your favorite t-shirt, the Foghat live 1976 one with the tour dates on the back, and the sun's fucking shining, and you realize, all of a sudden, that everybody that ever told you different was dead wrong- you ain't no loser, baby, you are the high-stepping, top cattin' cock of the block.
Well, that's exactly what the Studdogs sound like. Like absolute victory by way of slurring, Rolling Stones-y garage rock from nowhere in particular (i.e. Orlando, Florida). Don't wonder what it is, brother, cuz it's rock and roll, plain and simple, and it's so pure in intent and execution that is above reproach or criticism. I mean, fuck you, ya know? I dunno what else you need to know about them- they sound like the goddamn Lanternjack half the time, and from all reports they act like goddamn Cranford Nix the rest. That's a winner in my book. I can't possibly see anything going wrong while "Gospel" is swaggering and staggering its way across your ear canal like it's uncle owns the joint, so if you wanna get through the week in one piece, pick this fucker up, pronto. A band that can toss off brilliant lines like "As long as I'm alive/ I'll never survive" don't come around everyday, ya know.

Orlando Weekly
The Studdogs "Gospel According to?" CD
Literary facility has never been a hallmark of rock & roll, and The Studdogs aren't bucking the trend on this 12-track assault. Opting for the power of rock's nastiness, rather than crafting witty turns of phrase, some of the lyrical exploits are borderline qualifications for special-ed class. But given that every song is about drinkin', rockin', screwin' or being an asshole (or all of the above) and that each of them is delivered at ear-bleeding volume in the briefest amount of time (only one song cracks the three minute mark), who really cares what they're screaming about? The Studdogs are Orlando's most effective distillers of balls-out, bottoms-up rock mayhem, and this Gospel is prime salvation.
-Jason Ferguson

Notable Noise: The Studdogs
I must admit ignorance when it comes to the history of the Studdogs. From what I've heard, they don't seem to be the most consistently personable lads, I think what I heard was, "God, these guys are dicks!" Regardless, nobody ever said assholes couldn't be rock stars, and from what I've seen and heard from a purely musical standpoint, these guys totally rock. Channeling the rawness of rock's roots into a brain-rattling attack, it's all about muscle with this band, and they're consistently impressive. When it comes to dishing up the trashy side of rock's majesty do you really want the guys doing it to be sweet?